I’m an average university student, living in New York City.  Most of the time, I’m studying some labyrinthine concept for my scientific endeavors, facebooking, programming, or writing up some enormous essay I don’t expect many people to read or respect.

I consider myself a heavy thinker: I ‘think hard’ about anything you can imagine.  Some say I’m far too detailed, but I think I’m not focusing on enough details.  Maybe I’ll get over that, or maybe I won’t.  Nevertheless, when I die, it won’t matter to either of us anyway.

I’ve been told by enough people that I’m unlike anyone they’ve ever met.  Assuming this isn’t a common compliment, I take pride in it;  though, I fail to reason with the idea of sticking out in the crowd of identities trapped within someone else’s brain.

Let’s get to it:

I’m painfully unintelligent.  I make plenty of mistakes, and I have trouble learning things a lot of my peers pick up quite easily.  Often, you’ll find that I’ve missed the big picture while looking at something that’s been focused on by many.  And to top that off, there’s a lot of grammatical errors in my work.  If you’re a seasoned writer, you should quickly notice where I ended up stumbling over my own words as a result of “over-thinking.”  I’m slowly acknowledging my errors — thank you very much…

This blog is meant to help me keep track of how I grow intellectually.  Some day, maybe, this set of work will be used to guide someone who finds themselves encompassing the characteristics of the maladroit, the intellectually inept, the unintelligent.

Thanks for taking the time to explore the confines of my thoughts.


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