Through sickness, I dictate.

dead planet

If I became a powerful dictator, the first thing I’d do is kill everyone but a small community of people.

I’d brainwash everyone to think the way I want them to think, and anyone who decides to show opposition to that would die. I’d make sure everyone followed my rules and displayed a solid understanding of my mentality. If no one ends up following my wishes to the finest detail, then I’d kill everyone off and wait to die. My way would be the only way.

I’d want to kill everyone although I’d only kill some. I’d probably have everyone’s neck slit at the jugular and have each of them bleed out until they see black. Then, I’d burn all their bodies to make sure they’re all dead.

I’d collect all of my victims’ blood and create with it a huge sign across the widest sidewalk I could build. The sign would show, “You murdered me before I murdered you,” and I’d watch the blood dry.

No one knows what fear is until they’ve had no choice but to face terror head-on. I’d make sure everyone got a taste of that before I exterminate them all.


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