I’m dying.

lorenz chaos theory

Greg, what don’t you like about people?

“Everything about a female is unstable; The same goes for males.  Humans are unstable.  Because of that, each of us has a finite amount of time here, foreseeable or not.”  

Unstable?  What do you mean, Greg?  

“Well, when you figure it out, you’ll feel the essence of a genuine epiphany.  The ultimate point I’m making is that due to the superabundance of pliant elements that make up each of our meager existences as self-sustaining machines, each of us will die.”

Oh…  And that’s what you don’t like?  That there’s too much instability and that we’re going to die?  

“Yes.  I like knowing how to predict everything using fairly simple calculation methods.  I can’t do that with people.  I don’t like that.  Plus, knowing that I’m going to die due to my sharing of this instability makes me feel extremely imperfect.”

Wow.  So, you want to be perfect?

“No, I merely want to understand myself.  I want to know what I’m bound to do 20 years from now.  Due to my ductile nature as a human, it’s simply impossible at this point.”

At this point?  Are you saying that some day it’s possible that each of us will be able to look into the future?

“We can already look into the future.  We just can’t look very far into it with a significant amount of precision.  The only thing completely certain at this moment in time is uncertainty.”

I see.  Well, I’m having trouble understanding you, but I’m sure I’ll grasp what you said eventually.  


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