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What am I even working hard for? Why do I even bother?

I could easily pull a high 80-low 90 average without trying, so why aim higher?

I’m not good enough to get into any of those higher-up colleges anyways, due to the fact that I’m bullshitting my way through my college resume when in reality I have 0% community service and 0% extra-curriculars besides sitting on my ass all day being a lazy internet whore.

I’ll probably just end up at some SUNY/CUNY anyways, which doesn’t require much work to get into. (Haha parents, I guess paying 40k for my HS education didn’t pay off in the end)

As of now, I’m completely not trying or giving a crap anymore. I’m tired of ruining my life through isolation and I’m tired of caring about school to the point that I feel suicidal. Most important year of my high school life? Fuck that. Fuck you college counselors, fuck you parents, fuck you over-encouraging annoying shits, fuck you over-achieving students that make me feel like shit, I hope you have a wonderful, prestigious future.

I hate school.

I’m gonna go play some illegally downloaded games on my iTouch til’ I fall asleep. Night’ .


This is my first reblog and I always wanted to avoid such an action, but I felt the need to tell you this.

You sound extremely childish.  I don’t know if you wanted responses to your post, or if you were just posting to show everyone that you’re going through a tough time.  You made it open for anyone to give you feedback, so I’m taking my opportunity to.

If you’re so good at doing well in school (as you’ve implied), why are you feeling so constricted?  Why do you feel the need to show your anger?  Sounds like you aren’t as great at the whole school thing as you make yourself out to be.  If you are, you certainly aren’t being humble, and it reflects poorly on your character.

Based on your post, I assume you’re going to cut communications off from me because you probably don’t like criticism in the slightest.  If you plan on taking it that way (childishly), at least consider that you putting your discomfort out there brought my response on.

On a more constructive note, I suggest you go to someone you look up to in order to try to devise plans to alleviate your emotional suffering.  Crying on the internet about how your parents are pressuring you and how you’re tired of exams isn’t going to change anything for you.  There’s a lot more pressure ahead in your college days, and a lot more exams helping to create that pressure.  You haven’t seen anything yet.

Best of luck to you,



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